Posted on: May 2, 2009 10:44 am

The Rant for May 2nd, 2009


Allegations againt A-Rod for using steroids in HS, and since he's been with the Yanks.  The cynic in me really wants to give Yankee fans a rip for this, but honestly, who cares anymore?

My Indians are still in the basement of the division.  Mark Shapiro is a lousy GM, Eric Wedge needs a job in the NL, whoever our batting coach is needs fired.  We need to find a distant cousin to the Steinbrenner's to run this club, so maybe we can quit shopping at the Goodwill for players, and selling off all the good players.  If these guys stay around, we'll see Victor Martinez and Grady Sizemore traded off within a year or two, and then Hafner will likely go on waivers because no one will want him. 

Carl Pavano?  Enough said.

BCS is being brought up in Congress again?  How do these people get in office?


I watched some of American Idol the other night (nothing else was on).  While I love the eye candy Paula provides, the judges are all way out there.  The black girl was really good, and could sing, but "you were too karaoke," ?  She sang Chaka Kahn's 'I'm every woman' and did a helluva job, but she gets voted off.  Then a pretty boy comes up and does Donna Summer's 'She works hard for the money' with an accoustic guitar and bongos and he's pure genius?  It sounded like something you would hear in a bookstore coffee shop.  The only one I somewhat agreed with was this Anoop dude, his song was just terrible and the singing not that great.


Chrysler files bankruptcy, 5 months too late.  GM still hasn't filed, but needs too as well.  We'd have been through with the rough part by now had Congress just said no in the first place.  The longer this drags out, the more people are going to suffer.  It's not just the union workers, it's all of the suppliers that make parts for them.  Actually, the UAW is a major part of the problem.  You don't have to cut their pay, just make them start paying for their benefits like everyone else.

Save a Buck

If you received a tax return check more than a hundred bucks, go change your W4 NOW!  I laugh when people tell me they got $4000 back on their tax return.  Think of it this way, it's like you paid an extra $333/month on your light bill, just for them to give it back to you at the end of the year.  What could you buy with an extra $333 every month?  Or just put it in the bank, at least you can get a little interest (very little) on it.

Posted on: April 21, 2009 12:02 am

The Rant for April 20th, 2009


Baseball carries me until college football starts and the Indians look like they've returned to 80's form.  Although a 22-4 win against the Yanks in their Billion-dollar stadium was quite nice.

I seen a great post about University of Tennessee football today, after their spring game.  Basically, it said "If we could get Eric Berry to snap the ball to Eric Berry, and he could hand off or throw to Eric Berry, with Eric Berry blocking for him, then we'll have agreat year."  That's short form and not word for word, but it made me laugh on this Monday.


Miss California gets screwed out of the Miss USA pageant because she doesn't believe in gay marriage.  WTH?  Most Americans don't, but when a gay judge asks the question, there's only one correct answer?  She's a major hottie, too.  This whole PC thing is out of control.  What ever happened to standing up for what you believe is right?  Miss North Carolina is pretty darn fine as well.


I agree, Susan Boyle is an amazing singer.  If you haven't heard this woman sing you should.  Living proof of the old addage "Don't judge a book by it's cover."


So this cop in PA gets drunk in a bar, gets loud and annoying and starts talking about this drug dealer he finds dead with a bullet between his eyes.  Some jerk in the bar records it on his phone and posts it on UTOOB, now he's suspended.  Yeah, the cop's a jerk, but the guy was a drug dealer.  No need for him to lose his job for it.  That's PC working for us again!

Advice from the Oney-wan Kinobi

Save a buck.  If you have a mortgage, don't carry any more insurance on your house than what you owe, that's all you're obligated for.  If your house burns down, or gets blown away in a tornado, they're going to write the check with your name and the bank's name as well.   It's a risk, but what are the chances?  They suck you in by playing on your fears.  The insurance companies also like to take the liberty of increasing the value of your policy every year without your consent.  I dropped mine down, and saved over $200 for this year.  Go check your policy every year!

Speaking of mortgages, don't do escrow unless your bad at budgeting.  The bank will keep two months 'cushion' in this account for the life of your loan.  In my case, that's around $300.  For fifteen years!  No interest is earned on that cushion, it's just an interest free loan to the bank.  And in most states, you can't cancel the escrow account.  Learn from my mistakes.




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